Our Mission

Our goal at the Oher Foundation is to provide individuals, both disadvantaged and in need, with empowering opportunities that enrich their lives, and provide a mechanism for higher education and healthy living. It is our goal to address their obstacles and find solutions. The cycle of poverty, addiction, and hopelessness has impacted our communities for too long. I have built my foundation with the mission of serving those suffering from impoverished conditions and facing life’s hardships, and now, it is our job to help them win their battles.

The Oher Foundation has a goal to reach. We seek to impact over 500 individuals in need within our community each year. Throughout the fiscal year, the Foundation hosts a series of events, each with a purpose, demographic, and impact goal. These events act as our platform to further our mission. In an effort to help raise funds and achieve significant changes in our community, we are calling on our peers, parent and local organizations, partners, and members of our community who share in our mission, to help raise funds and in-kind support to make programs a reality.

- Michael Oher

Michael Oher Autograph
The Oher Foundation